Phoneless and Afraid.

This is blog post is dedicated to my lost phone. I love you and I hope I find you.

Last weekend I lost my phone. I know its sad. I will spare you the details on how I lost my phone but rather what it means to be phoneless in 2016.

Losing your phone in today’s world might as well be like losing your hearing. I know you think I’m overreacting, but I’m not. If you think about it, not having your phone or even when your phone dies, is like being unconnected to the world. The first thing a lot of us do when we wake up is reach for our phones and start checking our social media. We scroll through our favorite social media apps, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. just to check what we missed while we were asleep. When you don’t have a phone you don’t know what going on, you don’t even know what the weather will be like. I am one those people who like to be in the know.  Never the last person to know about anything happening in the world. Being phoneless is basically giving me anxiety because for the first time I really don’t know what’s going on.

The distribution of news has evolved as technology has evolved. TV news is declining with 53% of people using their smartphone to access news and 51% of those people use social media as a source of news. This means that without a smartphone you really are like a person who has lost their hearing. You see the world around but you can’t hear the noises the world makes. Which in the life of a media student ( this is probably the worst time to have a hearing problem.

I know what you are saying, chill! you have your laptop or the school’s computers but let’s be realistic nobody reads news on a laptop. Probably the best thing about technology is the way it has upgraded the telephone. Phones are portable and light reading the news is much easier on your phone than carrying your laptop around. I should know because this what I am doing now.

But probably what is the most painful part of losing your phone is not being able to document something as its happening. Studying in the UK I see a lot of strange and bizarre things that I probably wouldn’t have seen if I was home. People saying/ doing the most random and awkward things and not being able to document it, is literally painful. You see people take out their phones and SnpaChat something as soon as it happens.


AAAAHHHHHHHH!! I am literally loosing my mind.

Speed is what counts when you are trying to break news and you can’t do that without a phone.

So if anyone finds a gold iPhone 5s with cat phone cover. Please please please comment or contact me. My sanity is literally in your hands.


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