Putting your best social media foot forward.

We’ve all heard our mom yelling by the door as we head to our first job interview ” don’t forget to comb your hair, tuck in your shirt, and make sure you smile” . But now she can add have you updated your social media.

In today’s digital word human resources aren’t just checking your academic qualification but also how you conduct yourself in the digital realm. Resumes are limited and aren’t a true description of what the employer really wants to know. Now-a- days employers will just type your name on Goggle search engine and look at your activity on different social media sites. They go through your photos, read your post, and see what you follow. The results they get from their findings could determine whether or not they should hire you.

I know what you are thinking is that fair? Don’t have I have the right to post whatever I want on MY! social media page. What do my funny photos with my friends in the club have to do with me being qualified for the job? Where is the privacy nowadays?

But before you start making your twitter account private or start deleting embarrassing photos of yourself on Facebook. I think we first need to understand why employers do this. It’s not because their noisy (even though it looks that way) but it’s a better way of understanding you. What you are really like and whether you fit the companies’ culture, and there is no better way to do this then looking through your social media. An interviewees’ social media page  can tell how he got on  with his previous employer and co-workers, by checking if he/she had written any negative post about his/her previous workplace.  There also checking for any post about discriminatory comments related to race, religion, gender etc.

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So you see it’s not bad at all. But if you are still worried here some tips on how to do some spring cleaning to your social media page.

  1. Remove any inappropriate photos you wouldn’t want your employer to see. (if you have to ask if it’s inappropriate then it probably is)
  2. Reduce talking in text language. Full sentences with proper grammar (i strggle wth this 1).
  3. Follow more people who have to do with the career you are aiming for.

If this hard for you because you don’t to erase all the memories, why not try to create a brand new social media page geared to your professional new self.

Becoming an adult is hard, becoming an adult on social media is proving to be the same. But just like the growing pain of adolescence this too will past.

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