Social Media Take Over

It started with Myspace and Hi5 and transformed into Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. The advancement of technology and the internet has revolutionized media and communications. Digital Media has now become the most popular choice in spreading news and communicating with the world, and that is all thanks to Social Media. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have expanded our network and allows us to connect with different people from all over the world.

But enough with the obvious, let’s talk about how this affects the world of PR?

Well, firstly it changes the communication theory. Online communication has modernized the traditional communication flow. Public relations firms are no longer having a one-way conversation with their target audiences. Social media allows there to be a back and forth between them and us. We can discuss our views on a particular issue and the PR firm can pick up on that and respond to our issues. Not only that but 3.4  BILLION people have access to the internet this allows PR  firms to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Social Media is unfiltered if  you don’t believe me read just read some of the crazy tweets people post. It’s raw and authentic look on what people actually feel about certain issues and brands. PR practitioners  don’t need to ask marketing experts anymore all they have to do is read tweets or facebook posts to know what their audiences actually feel. This allows public relations practitioners to build a connection between them and the audience and manage corporate reputation correctly.

The social success of social media is on-going and will continue to evolve and dominate the media and communication realm .



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