Feel Good February more like Feeling FAT February

We are 2 weeks into February and UWE has started its annual Feel good February campaign. All through- out the month of Feb UWE will be hosting a number of events, such as free fitness classes and alcohol awareness seminars. The campaign’s aim is to motivate students to be healthy and remain active both mentally and physically.

It seems like it’s not only UWE  on the healthy lifestyle movement but Bristol in general. Gyms are offering student discounts, retail mannequins are dressed in gym gear, even my Instagram feed are full of tips on how to tone your tummy. It feels like the world is telling me, step away from the cheese and start working out.

The peer pressure to get into shape seems a bit too sudden to me. I mean Christmas break just ended 2 weeks ago, and you cannot tell me your bad eating habit ended after Christmas. Next week is Valentine Day, national eat all the chocolate you can get your hand on.I have plans of taking myself to a nice dinner where I will be substituting my love for men, with my love of red meat.


I know I might be coming across as lazy, but it’s challenging to remain motivated when the elements are against you. Bristol might be sending me a message to get healthy, but mother nature is sending another message, stay indoors or else.  The real challenge is not going to the gym but leaving your house to face the cold February winds just for the gym.

But I don’t want to end on a discouraging tone, it’s important to remember that February is all about feeling good. But don’t feel bad if you still have your Christmas weight, take the month slow, plan out your fitness timetable, create a healthy eating schedule and slowly ease into getting back on track.


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